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A Place in Tei

București, România
Authors: arch. Cristian - Daniel Borcan, arch. Alexandru Axinte / studioBASAR
Collaborators: Participanți Atelier de Idei „Tei în Acțiune”: Irina Dincu, Ioana Maria Rusu, Dorin Moldoveanu, Silvia Cruceanu, Cristian Rădulescu, Andreea Ștefan, Elena Necula, Andreea Toma, Carmen Ungureanu, Ioana Sascha, Andreea Livia Ivanovici, Matei Dinu, Marina Dragu, Dima George-Cristian (Grupul de Inițiativă Civică Lacul Tei)
Participanți Atelier de Lucru „Loc de Tei”: Matei David, Anca Marin, Mihai-Justin Ailene, Mădălina Marin, Cosmin Tiberiu Scorcealof, George-Cristian Dima, Ana Gurduza

Authors’ Comment

During ideas workshop stage of “Urban Spaces in Action” project, several scenarios were drafted by the participant students. One of the scenarios was developed further together with the “Lacul Tei Group of Civic Initiative”, an active group of citizens from Tei neighbourhood.
Due to the high degree of sustainability offered by the partners, we chose to follow up this scenario and to develop it during an ideas workshop together with the members of the Group. The workshop focused on the access of the citizens to the mechanisms of a public park. Negotiated with the park’s administration, the structure was built by volunteers during a construction workshop.
On the inauguration day different info materials about the Group and its actions were posted on the info board, and a postal box was mounted on the structure, waiting to collect suggestions and proposals from the inhabitants. From now on the Group has an open communication window right in the Circus Park.
Beyond the spatial and functional transformation of a place in the park, the structure started to work soon after the inauguration, as a form of fuel for the Group’s future actions.

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