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Contest Crossing Boarders

Contest Crossing Boarders

Authors: Costras Stefana Delia, Arh. Mazilu Alexandru Codrin

Collaborators: arh. Iftimi Madalina

Authors’ Comment

“Without emotion, something is missing. Emotion is born of austere, direct and free poetics that strive to compose a pure and lyrical object. Working with emotion and memory means feeling like part of history, part of tradition that is continuously evolving.” BAROZZI VEIGA By means of the order it establishes, the book’s microcosm provides us with the mystery of human survival by being what can be considered a binding element throughout the continuity of the human being. The pavilion embodies the process of the human detachment from the mundane world, a slight yet profound glide into culture by being immersed in this world of things being exhibited. The curtain, the forest-like clump of pillars and the canvas are elements meant to be understood as a filter that is capable of embracing and liberating you from the day to day humdrum, the worldly hustle and bustle, some entity that helps a place come into being, a place meant not to exhaust one’s energies, but to activate them. The book stands for opening to oneself and to others but, at the same time, the place where it is exhibited becomes a place for this heuristic process. This place brings and holds together the people who cross its threshold but, despite this apparent complete disclosure, it maintains this sense of mystery, an aura which incites to quest, discovery, unveiling.

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