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Infinity house

Infinity house

Authors: arh. Oana Vasile, Delia Stefana Costras

Authors’ Comment

"Always, it was all about joy. In the most difficult circumstances of life, I knew to find myself and find my way. I was walking and singing. I knew that what was going to happen will happen. And nothing stops me. On this feeling of the miracle represented by life, of joy, my whole work is built. "Constantin Brâncuşi - October 1938, Conversations with Ionel Jianu. Text published in the Royal Foundation Magazine, 9, September 1946. Based on this quote, the joy, the sense and the sincerity of the great artist, we drew the house of the clients who are guided by the same principles and the same sincere joy of life. Thus, simple, clear, clean, raw materials such as wood, brass are predominant and present, as a guideline. The choice of materials is not random, the desire of the beneficiaries is to have a home that grows and ages with them; the proximity and affiliation of the place will be sincere and real.

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