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Iron Gates Museum Design
  • Nomination for the “Architecture projects / Interior Design” section

Iron Gates Museum Design

Authors: arh. Tamina Lolev, arh. Vlad Stoica, urb. Iulian Canov
Wolfhouse Productions

Collaborators: arh. Iulia Săftoiu, Codruț Neguț, Alexandru Tudose, Florin Cobuz, Tudor Arsintescu, Iris Popescu

Beneficiar: Consiliul Județean Mehedinți

Authors’ Comment

The Museum of the Iron Gates Region is an existing museum park, comprising the archaeological objectives and the buildings: the History Museum, the Ethnography Museum, the Natural Sciences Museum and the complementary spaces . The interior design project reorganizes the spaces, the visitor routes and the whole museum experience, according to a new concept and to current standards. The design concept is based on five key principles governing the arrangement of each of the permanent exhibitions: (1) The Danube river as a common ground both for the local and for the regional-cross-border perspective. (2) The Danube as a reading thread, giving coherence to the museum’s experience. (3) Multi-sensory perception of the museum experience, creating an inclusive and unique experience where seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, temperature act as experience enhancers. (4) Center for activities – the museum becomes a center for culture and leisure. (5) The hyperlink, a concept where the museum is conceived as a starting point for thematic touristic routes in the region.

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