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Authors: arh.Miruna Ardelean

Authors’ Comment

While seeking our daily normality and comfort, the main concept was the appreciation of time spent together, HOME. Nowadays many of us are aware more than ever before that going "home" is a privilege. People have learned to cherish their own homes and turn them into their cocoon, in search of the feeling of safety. Customers are no longer demanding houses dominated by "show-house" effect, but instead they have learned to appreciate more the comfort, safety, relaxation, balance and also joy of living. A unitary concept was desired through chromaticity, textures and materials, while natural wood became the leitmotif of the whole concept. Lighting, and how it affects the space was one of the most important element’s, followed as a leitmotiv in the entire concept. Finishings carefully chosen in agreement with the clients, and texture chosen in such a way that allow the sense of touch to be fulfilled as well. The harmony between elements and volumes, respects the proper balance of the space and it’s circulations.

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