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Penthouse. #morelikeacollage
  • Prize of the “Architecture projects / Interior Design” section

Penthouse. #morelikeacollage

Authors: Iulian Bădărău, Bogdan Lazăr, Dragoș Lazăr, Raul Antonie

Authors’ Comment

A penthouse from Asmita Gardens residential project needs an impulse to shape its personality. A free space, almost 200msq and a double height. A curved wall, a strong spatial event, by its shape and coulour, gives privacy to the night area and creates a concave area for the day spaces. The structure is hidden together with other facilities in the extension of this wall on one side and in a long, tectonic volume, on the other side. Accentuating the initial spatial fluidity, three individual floors are proposed and a few vertical non -conventional boundaries(bookstands, curtains, parapets etc.) to create the limits of the proposed functions – library, office, art studio, kitchen, dining area, living area, bedrooms etc. The apartment benefit of a big exterior terrace, almost big as the inside area, whose green proposed spaces are invading the interior spaces and are creating a dialogue with the natural lands of Vacaresti Delta. The design accentuates the joining of spaces/elements/textures/colours/vegetation/light/shadows, creating more like a livable collage than an apartament which responds to the strict functional necessities. A free space which creates the premises for future adaptations.

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