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Authors: arh Monica Despina Sache, std arh Vlad Savulescu, arh Stefan Radocea
TAG architecture

Authors’ Comment

How important are the finishes and lighting in determining the potential of a space? Can the quality of a space whose physical data can not be changed, can be improved? How flexible can it be if its functionality and materiality are fixed? Can the perception of a space change without reconfiguring it? How can you intervene in a space whose interior design (in terms of finishes ) is not yours? We comprehend the potential of space, we quantify its arrangement (the quality of the materials, the intelligence with which they were used, and the imagination of the proposed scenarios), and we decide to try to amplify it without touching it in any way without intervening with materials of the same caliber of preciousness. Interior design remains outside of us, and the theme is to change place in as many hypostases using the same poor construction materials as used in building construction sites, whose status we want to change: turning them into multifunctional objects or furniture. The reinforcement mesh becomes a stand for exposing the clothes of a hypothetical shop, the exhibitors also become podiums for imaginative fashion shows, the stalls used in the shows are rearranged in rows for the readers participating in an unwritten book launch, the formwork panels are used with decorative rank,, then for the partitioning for contemporary art exhibition.

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