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Catalogue of subassemblies. Vol. 1: Principle Solutions for Thermal Insulation Systems for the Building Envelope - 2018

Authors: dr. arh. Radu Sfinteş, stud. arh. Claudia Baban, stud. arh. Maria-Cristina Clenciu, stud. arh. Gabriel-Eugen Goleac, stud. arh. Adelina-Andreea Tătaru

Authors’ Comment

This booklet addresses to both architecture students and architects, presenting a wide range of basic details commonly found in architectural detail. The multitude of possible solutions generated by using and combining different materials and technologies has been reduced to a number of basic details that can be a good starting point in solving the details of a project. The detailing solutions complement and enrich the architectural solution, creating its final image and contributing to the materialization of the projects under the right technical conditions. The capacity to understand the details presented in this booklet is based on the knowledge acquired in the specialized faculties in Romania, but wishes to increase the technical and detailing level of the student architects and architects and thus the quality of the architectural objects executed.