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FAR. 12 Architecture photographers from Romania
  • Nomination for the “Research in Architecture / Architecture Books” section

FAR. 12 Architecture photographers from Romania

Authors: Francoise Pamfil, Augustin Ioan, Iosif Király, Dorin Ștefan

Collaborators: Șerban Bonciocat, Alexandru Crișan, Cosmin Dragomir, Vlad Eftenie,
Laurian Ghinițoiu, Dacian Groza, Radu Malașincu, Andrei Mărgulescu, Ovidiu Micșa,
Vlad Pătru, Ștefan Tuchilă, Arthur Țințu

Authors’ Comment

The editorial project dedicated to the Romanian Architectural Photography is an innovative approach of the igloomedia team - a first for Romania. The reason for this approach which communicates and opens up a very special field to the public - the architectural photography - is more than justified: we live today more than ever in a world of imagery, of hedonism cultivated in this sense. We rely on what Jean Baudriallard was trying to warn since 1981, thus explaining a sacramental order and we propose taking a dive into the world of architectural imagery, hoping to find out more about how it is done. In architectural photography, the author of the image - understanding the architectural layout, the relationship of the building with the exterior, the continuous interior - exterior space and its peculiarities, presents the envisioned space, also enriching it. It is not by accident that most of the photographers in the FAR album are also architects: Şerban Bonciocat, Alexandru Crişan, Cosmin Dragomir, Vlad Eftenie, Laurian Ghiniţoiu, Dacian Groza, Radu Malaşincu, Andrei Mărgulescu, Ovidiu Micşa, Vlad Pătru, Ştefan Tuchilă and Arthur Ţinţu. The buildings and spaces designed by architects live through images. These images originally reside in the imagination of the author (or on the computer that runs multiple 3D modeling programs) and then become reality by the coming together of the actors involved in the edification process. Subsequently, the images enter into the individual affection of each of us and empathically, without overlapping with public programs, in the collective memory. In the case of architecture and varying by layout (print or online medium), the images are the buildings in themselves or the parts of the city caught by the shutter. In this sense, we could say that architecture is the image and the way the building is known first is through photography as a pre-identity. This is why the architectural photography is a special field and why the album edited by Igloo Media is a collector's item.