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Shrinking Cities in Romania. Orașe românești în declin
  • Nomination for the “Research in Architecture / Architecture Books” section

Shrinking Cities in Romania. Orașe românești în declin

Editor: Ilinca Păun Constantinescu
Un concept al asociației IDEILAGRAM
Echipa editorială:
Asistență editorială: Laura Popa-Florea
Coordonator Editura MNAC: Daniela Calciu
Coordonator DOM publishers: Philipp Meuser
Design grafic: Raymond Bobar
Infografice: Gabriela Belcineanu
Ilustrație copertă interioară: Alexandru Păun: Forme de shrinking cities românești
Traducător: Ioana Miruna Voiculescu;
Corectură (ro): Iulia Păun, Gabriela Belcineanu, Simona Necula, Larissa Luică
Corectură (en): Miron Huhulea; Liliana Iuga, Iulia Păun, Gabriela Belcineanu

Authors’ Comment

The Shrinking Cities in Romania project, conceived by architect and curator Ilinca Păun Constantinescu, took shape after a research that has begun more than ten years ago. Written in English and Romanian and internationally distributed, the two 800 pages volumes discuss the shrinkage of Romanian cities as a widespread phenomenon. The publication follows the structure of the exhibition presented at the MNAC in 2016, a pioneering initiative to raise awareness about an acute and pervasive, yet too little discussed matter, and substantially complements its contents through extensive articles by distinguished researchers. Although mostly perceived as a negative phenomenon, shrinkage can be a vector for modernization and innovation, re-use, alternative resources, artistic creation, and reevaluation of interpersonal relationships. * Editorial project funded by AFCN, OAR, German Embassy Bucharest, MNAC Bucharest, DOM publishers, IDEILAGRAM Association.

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