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Romanian applied study on rural heritage

Authors: Lect. dr. arh. Mihaela Hărmănescu, Asist.dr.arh. Elena Cristina Mândrescu, Conf.dr.arh. Andra Panait, Conf.dr.arh. Marius Voica, Șef de lucrări dr. arh. Marina Mihăilă, Șef de lucrări dr.arh. Adrian Moleavin

Authors’ Comment

The book is part of the intellectual output METHODOLOGICAL GUIDELINES for teacher with a NEW TEACHING MODULE intellectual output of VVITA “Modernizing Learning and Teaching for Architecture through Smart and Longlasting Partnerships leading to sustainable and inclusive development strategies to Vitalize heritage Villages through Innovative Technologies” project. It is an educational and didactic toolkit designed to prepare the "teaching laboratory" consisting of intensive teaching and learning programs that took place in the Danube Delta, Romania according to the project timeline.