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40 projects. Studio 25/35

40 projects. Studio 25/35

Authors: stud. arh. Cezara Lorenț, stud. arh. Oana Grămadă, arh. Ina Elena Stoian, arh. Florian Stanciu
asociatia plusminus

Editori: Oana Grămadă, Cezara Lorenț
Coordonare: Ina Stoian (asociatia PlusMinus)
Texte: Florian Stanciu, Oana Grămadă, Cezara Lorenț
Traducere: Cosmina Stănășel
Corectură și adaptare: Ina Stoian, Cosmina Stănășel
Design: Radu Manelici (Faber Studio)

Authors’ Comment

The publication includes a relevant and scrupulous selection of revised, re-edited, redesigned projects that were born in the 2nd-year and 3rd-year workshop led by Professor Florian Stanciu. These projects, which approach four different themes each one taking place in a distinct urban tissue, were set in another light as they were enriched, redistributed, redrawn, all to be ready to withstand the so-called “toghetherness”, an unitary project whose stake was to nurture measure and adequacy, the assertive loyalty to what already exists, in an attempt to salvage some circumstances at risk of being irremediably lost.

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