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One Room House

One Room House

Authors: arh. Stefan Simion, arh. Irina Melita
Firm: Poster

Structure project: ing. Horia Mihnea (Cross Structural Design)
plumbing: Alyates Design
Builder: Alexandru Blacioti (Market Management)
Client: Viorel Simion

Authors’ Comment

The essential minimum of architecture could be a room. How this room acquires nobility as a place, the spatial definition of its boundaries, the outline of a suitable tectonics, the determination of the architectural scale and its physical measure, of the way the light enters and how it opens up to the cardinal points and neighborhood, the right adequacy of its materiality, inventing an original way of use (which is never limited to functionalism), allowing the vegetation to make its mark on the artificiality of the architectural project - these are the thoughts behind this house: a beautiful room in Bucharest.

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