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Snagov, jud. Ilfov, România
Authors: arch. Irina Meliță, arch. Ștefan Simion / POSTER
Collaborators: Structura: ing. Bogdan Nica
HVAC: Alyates Design
Design interior: Andreea Muresan

Authors’ Comment

The project for this small house developed as a result of the characteristics of the plot. Its small dimensions and the optimal orientation of the building brought the lateral limit of the plot as close as part of the house, like a wall that contains the small green line of land along the house. Given this constraint we wanted to go even further with this, so we imagined this green line „invading” the interior through a buffer zone, not outside nor inside, around witch the rooms would unravel. Because of the neighborhood the house turns towards this center, it is introverted, „escaping” to the back yard only by this green line along the lateral of the house.
By using the height of the roof in the corners of the „U” shaped plan are two spaces at an upper level, unconnected, that can be reached by two different stairs: a small office opened towards the living spaces and a guest room above the bedroom.
The project has a certain intimacy, a connection between the garden (that the clients cherish and grow with great care) and the interior space that has a lot to gain from the double height, as if having an extensive space for receiving the exterior.

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