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Corona Museum Bench

Corona Museum Bench

Authors: arh. Dan-Felix Paraschiv

Builder: DALINI ch

Authors’ Comment

Corona Museum Bench

In the context of the pandemic nowadays, a common object created for chatting together, namely a simple bench, is also affected.
The experience of coming together while keeping a distance, is the pretext for transforming a banal object of common use into an object of art that exhibits itself.
More than a practical design object, a piece of furniture that can be used in places that fall under social distancing measures (such as museums, art galleries, public spaces), Corona Museum Bench is a symbol. Sitting on the bench becomes a singular experience of claiming one’s vital space in the crowd.
Corona Museum Bench is also a funny pill at the expense of the whole social experience caused by the virus.
Created using a 7-axes robot, the bench is sculpted in local Pinus Cembra wood from renewable sources.