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TT Tables

TT Tables

Authors: arh. Andreea Maria Marinescu
Firm: Andreea Marinescu Arhitectură

Collaborator: stud.arh. Claudia Gușatu
Builder: Publimpres / Tudor Migia
Photo: Vlad Pătru
Client: Traian Tighel

Authors’ Comment

Using simple geometrical forms, TT tables show the way materials can be reused after an execution process, in a practical and novel way.
The table's issue was motivated by the client's desire to enrich the interior space through elements which bring more unity and details, being integrated by using materials which already exist inside the space.
The structure which consists in two vertical elements made of thin steel sheet, diagonally united, allow the stone table top console corners, fact which generates various possibilities of arrangement and superposition of the tables which can form a unitary ensemble.

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