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L'optique Shop Window Design

L'optique Shop Window Design

Authors: arh. Scarlat Alexandru, arh. Cosmin Mihai Cinieru, arh. Daniel Dumitrache
Firm: Arhitecturescu

Builder: Atelier Vast

Authors’ Comment

Usually, the way of presenting the glasses in the shop window is limited to simple metal supports, supports that are also used inside, together with prints and posters of the brands or models wearing glasses.
Brands are presented more than frames, that's why we wanted to focus on glasses, not brands, so we discussed with the customer the proposal not to put companies or advertisements in the window.
The concept started from the way the frames of the glasses are mounted, the fastening system of the frame arms. Thus we came to the idea of ​​making wooden arms connected with metal plates. The lighting is done with LED strip placed behind the wooden arms in a milled channel, the lighting of the glasses is hidden and thus the frames are surrounded by light.
The white background is used to make the light as diffuse as possible and to highlight the glasses, so it has a vertical milling for each frame, the whole presentation piece is actually a "lamp" that surrounds the glasses on a white background.

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