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Z2 Chair
  • Nomination for the “Interior Space Architecture / Object Design” section

Z2 Chair

Authors: arh. Antoniu Baghiu
Firm: BIA Antoniu Baghiu

Builder: Ovidiu Isan

Authors’ Comment

Z2 chair- oak and cotton velvet

It is my strong believe that everybody should have the possibility to have a piece of furniture that reveals the authentic experience of material and good design.

The materials embodied in this chair are: oak wood for the structure and cotton velvet for upholstery. Oak is a noble and exquisite material prone to very fine details and minimal lines, while cotton velvet offers multiple surface reflections and rich tactile and chromatic experiences.

The upholstery, namely the backrest and the seat, are fixed onto the structure through hidden metal connectors, all in the name of simplicity and elegance to be found in this furniture piece.

The wood is sourced with great care and responsibility carefully serving the purpose of less material and sublime design lines. The furniture objects are made from different elements to ensure fast and effective transport to any destination. Each element fits perfectly and, with minimal effort can be assembled into a fine furniture piece.

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