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Monkey Bike Rack
  • Prize of the “Interior Space Architecture / Object Design” section

Monkey Bike Rack

Authors: arh. Alina Moise

Builder: Brut Concept
Client: Urban Monkey

Authors’ Comment

For a healthier and more sustainable city, replace your personal car with a bicycle!

Monkey Bike Rack tends to be an art installation with a functional role. Easy to install and disassemble, it integrates easily into the urban environment. It occupies a small space and allows the parking of 9 bicycles by arranging them staggered between the sinuses of the metal fabrication. The height set offers the possibility to park different types and sizes of bicycles and lock them easily.
The playful design is inspired by the optimistic and energetic attitude of the brand that supports the implementation of this project. The bike rack has already spread in various shapes and sizes through Bucharest and Brasov.