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Weave Screen
  • Nomination for the “Interior Space Architecture / Object Design” section

Weave Screen

Authors: arh. Stefan Pavaluta
Firm: vinklu

Client: Epretext
Builder: Radu Abraham
Photo: Stefan Pavaluta
Photo: Stefan Pavaluta

Authors’ Comment

The second prototype of the "Weave" Screen, dating back to 2018, refines it’s basic principles and pushes towards a refined, final self-standing piece. The result an object that woks with depth and detail. I think the first visible aspect is that it tries not to belong to any genre or period- it can be regarded as a "now" object or maybe it was done 20 years ago. The materials were the same, the process was the same.
Going forward, the design is more of a decision-led process, rather than a subjective design. The screen core evolved from an artisanal bulrush to a manufactured, dense rattan. The wood components were binded naturally and also can self stand. Each joint is made with an intention to carry the screen’s dynamic throughout and helps to better fit in some pre-designed interior spaces.
Sustainability is also key in the design. Every piece employs a person, so that the final object carries a certain energy towards the final client.
Last, but not least, the user experience is processed on different layers - first, smooth, tactile with the wood presence and continuing to a more tactile surface represented by the rattan core and finished with some visible details in the brass hinges and wood details/insertions.