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Ecou Cabinet

Ecou Cabinet

Authors: arh. Bogdan Ciocodeica
Photo: Bogdan Ciocodeica, Alin Stoica

Authors’ Comment

The Ecou cabinet is a piece of furniture that is part of a larger collection. Ecou is a series of collectible furniture pieces, in a limited edition, created exclusively for the Kolkhoze Gallery from Paris. Each object is produced in an edition of 8+4 AP (artist approved), numbered and signed pieces, being at the intersection between a functional and a sculptural object.
Modernist sculpture represents the starting point for the Ecou collection, from which draws inspiration from taking a simple gesture and synthetizing it to the maximum and thus remixing it, exploring new forms and values that are born from this playful attitude. Integrating this spatial movement into a piece of furniture, it acquires new forms of existence, it’s reborn. The approach is one of distilling the form and searching for new meanings in a palpable environment, creating a bridge between an object with a functional role and a sculpture.
The cabinet starts from a serpentine line that is extruded, acquiring three-dimensionality. Its body has a trapezoidal shape, so the doors create a totally unexpected movement and volume when opened. They open like wings that are fixed and remain open with the help of hinges that lock in position. The texture created by extruding the 2D line is not uniform. It has a two-way crescendo. Starting with a larger size on the faces of the lower drawers and decreasing on the hinged doors. In parallel, their depth decreases from bottom to top, keeping the trapezoidal appearance of the object in the lateral view as well.
The cabinet is produced by a French carpentry workshop with tradition and represents an example of craftsmanship in wood carving. The wood used completes the volume and brings texture and depth to the object. The dark wood tones of the American walnut create a game of shadows and light that accentuates the dramatic effect of the folds.
The Ecou collection consists of 6 individual pieces and includes: a cabinet, a sideboard, a dining table, a coffee table, a partition screen and a nightstand.