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Authors: arh. Justin Baroncea, arh. Andrei Angelescu, arh. Emanuel Birtea
Photo: Andrei Margulescu, Andrei Infinit

Authors’ Comment


Pets for visits.

Visits at "Individual All-Around" in the Garrison Command. In Timisoara 2023.

A set of 9 characters extracted from the exhibition poster. One character for each art form. Characters with magnets or wheels.

On the turquoise floor, the number of artists equates the number of magnetic tiles.

Magnets at each room entrance, put together into a composition without losing their individuality. Colored like the poster – easy to identify.

On the orange ground floor, pets on wheels, for individual- composed walks through music, poetry, film, graphics, painting, and other arts are placed or arranged in some sort of a dialogue.

Combinations with arts on wheels or art-character races.

Gallery toys: ART_RACERS.