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B.E.N. the modular nest box
  • Nomination for the “Interior Space Architecture / Object Design” section

B.E.N. the modular nest box

Authors: arh. Iarina Tavă, arh. int. Ana Porim
Firm: nuumroom

Collaborators: dezvoltat la Nod Makerspace, în colaborare cu Societatea Ornitologică Română
Photo: Cristian Vasile

Authors’ Comment

Even in urban areas, we live with many species of animals that we often ignore. With our project, we want to bring the public closer to birds. Placing a nest box near our homes can be a natural gesture.
Often nest boxes are designed more to be aesthetic, while their essential functionality is treated superficially, resulting in a series of simply decorative objects. In reality, each bird species has specific needs. Depending on their size, habits, and behavior, requirements for a suitable nest differ. B.E.N. is an interdisciplinary project, developed in collaboration with the Romanian Ornithological Society, which aims to bring together design and the diversity of functional nests.
B.E.N. is a modular nest box that can adapt to accommodate different bird species: blue tit, marsh tit, robin, great tit, wryneck, collared flycatcher, great spotted woodpecker, nuthatch, and sparrow. It has three elements: Box-Entrance-Nest (B.E.N.), which can be changed to create a new nest.
B.E.N. respects the dimensions specific for each species for the entrance and interior, as well as other details related to bird behavior. The sparrow tower can be configured to contain a series of vertical nests, as sparrows like to live in colonies. A pre-formed entrance is provided for woodpeckers, and metal rings offer protection from predators. It is made from solid basswood, and the box is treated on the outside using a burning technique that creates a natural protection for the wood.