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Authors: Claudia Voinea-Fântână, Daniela Hurezeanu
Firm: Important IMP

Atelier Metal: Dojo Motorsports
Photo: Vlad Albu

Authors’ Comment

In a world where conversational tools are increasingly complex but personal communication is becoming more and more remote, a hole in the concrete seems like a very bold move to make a connection.
The In Situ collection is an invitation to raw, concrete, direct communication.
The basic concept calls for two distinct rooms separated by a solid concrete wall. A core reveals the negative space required for airflow. Air is the only communication network already present almost everywhere. It requires no installation. It installs itself wherever it takes place.
Thus, the core provides space for a conversation between two spaces.
The extracted concrete core becomes the In Situ base of the 3 furniture elements that complete the communication configuration. The lamp - a notification of presence - acts as a " watchtower". The stool - a solid base for a balanced position. The coffee table - the platform for changing and exchanging.