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Kameleon - Acoustic Pods

Kameleon - Acoustic Pods

Authors: arh. Dragoș Motica
Firm: Askia Furniture SRL

Collaborators: ing. Alexandru Dinu, designer Ștefan Niță
Photo: Askia Furniture SRL, Sebastian Oros

Authors’ Comment

Kameleon is a collection of modular pods with acoustic properties which can replace meeting rooms. Due to their modularities, they can acomodate meetings for two to nine people.
As the contemporary office space is defined by fast-paced transformations, we try to answer to what new visions of work mean through a suite of attributes that keep up with today’s changing needs.
The “chameleonic capability” is obtained due to our patented system of changing the exterior panels, very quick and without tools. This allows us to obtain different visual looks on the same structural frame, depending on the requirements.
Almost all parts of Kameleon booths are recyclable. The interior panels of the booths are made from recycled PET felt, a soft, yet sturdy felt material. PET felt offers great acoustic performance and can be recycled at the end of its life. The structure for the pods is made from wood and chipboard panels and the glass frames are made from aluminium. Due to the fact that they are shipped flat-pack, Kameleon booths also have a low carbon footprint.