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Authors: arh. Justin Baroncea, arh. Andrei Angelescu, arh. Emanuel Birtea

Builder: Atelier SET
Photo: Dana Lupascu, Dana Grozescu

Authors’ Comment


(R stands for rechargeable)

It’s the fourth series of objects extracted from the “2 barked meters” comic book.

A pine wood Boxer and a pine wood Terrier that are allowed on the ground, on the table, on the nightstand and definitely on the couch (but not in the bathtub, because they really can’t stand the water).
Wireless phone chargers and LED night lights.

Hardwood with a plug-in-led, suitable for charging smart technology.
The 2ml_R dogs continue the series of T-shirts, lamps, drawers and a pick-up with speakers , whose designs are inspired by the involuntary sub-heroes HAM_LED and BEC_HAM.