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Authors: arch. Cristina Olga Gociman, st.arch. Claudiu Mușat / S.C. Criba Proiect S.R.L.

Authors’ Comment

Urban fabric has a lot of forgotten spaces that come into collective perception
as nobody's spaces, unintended spaces or abusively occupied by cars.
Transforming them into public spaces requires an assumed community approach.
The Triangle at the intersection of Moreni Street Hermitage is a place
anonymous in the Titan neighborhood, a paved area occupied by riverine parks.
The project has proposed the creation of this space for the community through the arrangement
a recreation, play and communication area. The pretext offered by the green plant a
artist Dorina Horatau, metal mesh cloths embroidered in grass,
subject to water, stone and words. The ensemble is protected by the folds
perimeters of remodeling land and shadows.
Green silhouettes remain a permanent interlocutor in all seasons.
A waterline will bridge the northern side by linking the two groups of sculptures
version of the artist Dorina Horatau. They mark the extremes of the liquid path in
At the same time, they support end-to-end outlooks making them visible
from all directions.

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