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Well Dental medical center

București, România
Author: arch. Alexandra Monoranu / MONOCONCEPT S.R.L.
Collaborators: Structura: ing. Mircea Lazăr (CARACTER CONSTRUCT SRL)
Instalatii: ing. Ovidiu Damian (YVO KlIMA DESIGN SRL)

Authors’ Comment

The basis of the project was the desire of the beneficiary, a dentist with an experience of over 12 years, to create a place inspired by the family comfort, in which patients come with pleasure and full confidence.
The project is, in functional form and organization, a balanced response to the restrictions imposed by the reduced size of the plot and the needs of the beneficiary.
The plot is located on the corner, being delimited by Doctor Zlatescu Street and the access of the nearby school. The building is located in an area of ​​individual dwellings with increased density and no special architectural value, but with a special charm.
Based on the specific house-wagon typology, the property has four dental surgeries, a reception area, a seating area and technical spaces.
Natural light has been a key element in the project approach, being redeemed through generous glazed areas and the small light courtyard that provides privacy to the specially designed basement relaxation area for the doctors team.
Located in a street with a predestined name, the clinic responds to the needs of the locals in the area without imposing its presence or size.

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