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  • Prize of the “Civil and Corporate Architecture” section

Early Childhood - American International School of Bucharest

Voluntari, jud. Ilfov, România
Authors: arch. Adrian Spirescu, arch. Marina Raicopol, arch. Lucica Mîț, arch. Ruxandra Iordan, arch. Cosmin Popa, Cristian Prisecaru, Daniela Cehan / sc. Carpati Proiect srl.
Collaborators: Structura: Ing. Alexandru Boangher
Instalatii: Ing. Victor Voroneanu, Ing. Ligia Ciurel,Ing. Nicolae Grigoras, Ing. Camelia Vulpas
Sistematizare verticala: Ing. Daniela Draghici
Mobilier: ZPZ Partners

Authors’ Comment

In the context of creating an educational pole of the capital, we have approached this site, in the total area og 99991 sgm, as a legacy - the buildings have the tradition of a school - AISB
The existing functions are well - defined spaces: elementary school activities, library, hifg school, the gym. and are surrounded by landscaped green spaces.
The volumes that make up the ensemble seek to adapt subtly to the tipology of the existing buildings: ground volumes, basement, ground floor and a level with a slope roof, the lanscaped green spaces surrounding the buildings.

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