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First Multi-Comfort CLT Building

București, România
Authors: arch. Sergiu - Cătălin Petrea, arch. Cristina Petrea, arch. Sabrina Ene, arch. Sebastian Apostol, arch. Tania-Victoria Băncilă, arch. Sebastian Burcoveanu / TECTO Arhitectura
Collaborators: Arh Cons Proiect, Hard Instal Consulting, Global Instal

Authors’ Comment

Tecto Arhitectura was appointed to design a new office building, as the first large scale project with CLT structure in south-east Europe.
The main challenge was to create an office building that had to provide also an visual interface between two antagonistic spaces – an industrial platform used for production and a natural landscape with strong horizontal lines.
The main objectives were:
- Mix timber construction: massive timber construction and glue laminated elements, industrially produced prefabrication.
- Standards for Multi Comfort from Saint Gobain: individually room-controlled comfort and high-quality work environment, increased noise protection, passive construction method for insulation and airtightness, ventilation system with heat recovery.
- Ecological concept: use of geothermal energy and high efficiency biomass cogeneration plant for heating and electricity, timber construction, optimization of utilities costs, green roofs, enhanced daylight autonomy, increased degree of recyclability for the entire building.
- High quality architecture and landscape.

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