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Panner Artisan Bakery

Moeciu de jos-Bran, jud. Brașov, România
Authors: arch. Ion Popușoi, cond.arch Bogdan Preda, arch. Dragos Hinta / in situ
Collaborators: ing. Mihai Stoica
Foto: Ionut Duta, Laurentiu Strimbu

Authors’ Comment

At the border between Bran and Moeciu de Jos, on Main Street no. 1,
Panner Artisan Bakery reinvents the tradition of an old family bakeries.
The strong stone foundation, the reinterpreted porch,
as a link between the interior and exterior,
the simple form of the building, the interior finished with recovered wood,
all remind of elements from the archaic period of the Bran area.
At the same time the complete transparency towards the street, the proportions of the building,
the simple details places the construction in the modern period.
The wooden beams that supports the roof enriches
the simple composition of the facade, being structure and ornament at the same time.
From the outside the image is clear, clean, an easy to notice,
a point of attraction.
Inside was a simple but welcoming ambience,
without many decorative elements so the emphasis is
on the presented products, which have the main role.

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