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Office building on Eșarfei street

București, România
Author: arch. Radu Teacă / Artline
Collaborators: arh. Eneth-Ágota Koszti
arh. Alex Pintea
arh. Pietro Dorissa
arh. Ștefan Farmazon
arh. Beniamin Grăjdeanu
arh. Corina Nicola
arh. Andrei Teacă
Structură: Cristian Năstase (Concept Structure)
Instalații: General Instal Comp
Fotografii: Radu Malașincu

Authors’ Comment

BNT is a small office building with a gross built area of 1300 sq m, including the semi-basement and the basement, that made us reduce the area of the basement resorting to a solution of half-levels, due to high levels of groundwater. Considering the relatively small surfaces of the building, especially the ones for offices and the deposit area, where the flexibility of the spaces is needed, we decided to eliminate the supporting vertical elements (columns), the construction being suspended, both on the front and the back side, by a central rigid core of reinforced concrete, sheltering the vertical flow and the restrooms. The two suspended parts are designed as huge beams with metallic triangulations, placing the same size, 1meter by 1meter windows between them, protected by a shutter made from the same material as the facade finishes, perforated Eternit boards. The architectural language of the volume is conceived like a multifaceted crystal, that stands imponderable helped by the open structure from above. A beneficial aspect is that the building can be easily seen from the Mihai Bravu boulevard, considering that is bordered by the generous enclosure of a small church with a courtyard that opens towards our edifice.

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