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CineBucharest. A century of modernity - The movie theatre

Authors: arch. Mihaela Pelteacu, filmmaker Laurențiu Damian
Collaborators: Contributori: Daniela Maria Puia, Bogdan Mihăilă, Adrian Pană,
Adrian Ioniță, Mihai Adrian Dobre, Alexandra Andreea Ioniță
Ediție îngrijită de: Daniela Maria Puia
Asistent editorial: Maria Mănescu
Traducere în limba engleză: Alexandra Purnichescu

Authors’ Comment

Born out of a passion for film and cities, the texts and images gathered in this volume represent a documented and creative journey through the cinemas of Bucharest. Our concerted endeavour is grounded in a particular perception acknowledging the fundamental relationship between the movie theatre and the modern city and supports, joining efforts with other similar initiatives, the recovery and revival of historical cinemas located in the central urban area.
Halfway between essay and historical research, this enterprise embodies, in a society of the image, a modest contribution to ensuring an appropriate visibility for film and its space of captivation, the movie theatre. By investigating the film projection spaces in the city, we sought to draw attention to a specific urban topography generated by the movie theatre within the city layout and in relation to habitation, which highlights an interesting solidarity that we attempted to express from an architectural, planning and cinematographic perspective. In the absence of any eloquent representations of these urban landmarks of Bucharest, we tried to outline, by involving the reader, an architectural vision in which film plays the main part in the urban space regeneration process.

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