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CineBucharest. 100 years of modernity - reading Bucharest modernity through cinema architecture

Authors: arch. Mihaela Pelteacu, arch. Daniela - Maria Puia
Collaborators: Contributori: Lola Conte, Victor Moldoveanu, Matei Vlăsceanu, Bogdan Mihăilă, Adrian Pană,
Teodora Popa, Diana Albeanu, Anca Balotă, Mihaela Constantin, Minodora Toma
Asistent editorial: Maria Mănescu

Authors’ Comment

CineBucharest. 100 years of modernity reunites the materials of the exhibition with the same name, and represents an incursion in the history of the movie theatres of Bucharest, emphasising representative stages of their evolution, in a chronological manner: from the first cinematographic screenings at the beginning of the twentieth century - organized in public spaces - to the conception, during the interwar period, of innovative spaces, likened with the particular evolving understanding of the cinema and the society development till nowadays, when the dramatic decrease of the audience in cinemas led to their disappearance; most of them were closed and almost become a ruin.
Through a narrative presentation of the cinemas history, the volume highlights their socio-educational, cultural and recreational role that has made them to be recognized as genuine places for people. A photo section is presented at the end of volume, relating Bucharest movie theatres with similar ones in several European capitals.
The volume is part of the CineBucureşti. 100 years of modernity cultural project co-financed by the Administration of National Cultural Fund in June-November 2017.

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