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Kengo Kuma - Anti-Object: The Dissolution and Disintegration of Architecture

Authors: arch. Mihaela Pelteacu – coordonare traducere și îngrijire ediție, arch. Daniela - Maria Puia – coordonare traducere și îngrijire ediție
Collaborators: Traducător: Alexandra Purnichescu
Asistent editorial: Maria Mănescu

Authors’ Comment

After nine years since its first English edition, "Anti-Object" is still one of the few texts written by architects, conceived as a comprehensive essay, oriented not on history and theory but rather on self-assessment and the reorientation of the vision of an architect at the mid-point of his career. As he himself confessed, Kuma discussed Object (Architecture as an object), expressing his innovative ideas in opposition to self-centred, oppressive architecture, while highlighting the limits of this approach. His major interest focuses on the void, the immaterial space, difficult to be surprised but loaded with significance - a relationship and communication environment that unites people and places the building in a relationship of harmony with nature.
Kuma critically discusses a series of projects designed by his office, and the key for reading the text is Hyuga Residence, the work of Bruno Taut. The tone of the writing belongs to both manifest and confession, the architect distancing himself from both contemporary egocentric achievements, isolated by the environment, and also by his own architectural works made during the debut period.
The book was published with the support of the Romanian Order of Architects.

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