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In the name of the father.

Author: arch. Vlad Mitric-Ciupe – interviuri cu urmașii arhitecților deținuți politici. Editare documente și publicare volum / Mitric-Ciupe Vlad Aurelian Birou Individual de Arhitectură
Collaborators: Prefață: Flori Bălănescu

Authors’ Comment

Since we have taken an interest in the personal destiny of the politically detained architects during the communist regime, we thought necessary to bring a completion to this topic by looking at how the wives and their children have survived and managed (or not) to socially and professionally integrate in the absence of a parent or after his release. Since the generalities are today well known – the challenges of a family after pulling out a parent, the traumas during the arrest and sentencing, the pressure of the authorities put upon the wives to get a divorce from the ‚bandit’, the issue of the inadequate ‚file’ raising a myriad of concerns and obstructed – too often – the possibility of accessing the education system or a better employment place, etc – we will be keying on, with the help of the surviving witnesses, the specifics that are surely placing the members of the prisoners’ families into the category of victims. This volume, therefore, consists in a number of consists in a number of interviews dealing with the subjects above mentioned.

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