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  • Prize of the O.A.R. Bucharest Prezident

Ioana Grigorescu - The path of honesty

Authors: arch. Alexandru Nicolae Panaitescu – autor - coordonator, arch. Rodica Elvira Panaitescu, arch. Ioana Alexe / Uniunea Arhitecților din România
Collaborators: Grafică și design: arh. Ioana Alexe
Cercetător arhivă: arh. Rodica Panaitescu, Răzvan Hatea
Text: arh. Virgil Polizu, arh. Constantin Gorcea, arh. Constanța Carp, arh. Victor Dan Kisilewicz

Authors’ Comment

The restoration conception supported by Ioana Grigorescu was mainly characterized by sincerity and authenticity, being defined by herself as „...similar to the completion of a clay pot with another contrasting material [which, when] contemplated, makes the onlooker happy to know which part is truly original and which one was added. Thus, the future researcher or visitor becomes implicitly an active spectator, a critic of the restoration, who realizes both the state of the monument at the beginning of the work and the rightness or the possible errors of the reconstruction...”.
Over 384 pages, the monographic book covers an elaborate presentation of Ioana Grigorescu's work. Two-thirds of the enclosed 518 images are drawings and period photographs, the others being current ones, illustrating the main restoration works undertaken by the architect between 1955 and 1972, particularly in the regions of Bucovina and Neamt.

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