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Beyond the Center. Housing policies in Bucharest (1910-1944)

Author: arch. Irina Calotă
Collaborators: Prefață: Nicolae Lascu
Editare și grafică: Emilia Țugui
Traducere în limba engleză: Cătălin Coțoiu

Authors’ Comment

The book aims to investigate an important page in Romanian urban history, with an emphasis on the emergence and implementation of the first measures meant to respond to the problems generated by mass housing and the real estate crisis. The main purpose of this research is to clarify the way in which mass housing and the periphery were defined as topics for theoretical, architectural, city planning and political concerns, as well as the effects these approaches had on the urban environment.
The way in which the administration dealt with these topics varied along the years, evolving from an almost total ignorance of the problems that uncontrolled development of land on the outskirts could generate on long term, into including these developments as a major part – even priority part – of urban policy.
The spatial effects of housing policies had the power to change the face of the periphery, by generating a planned tissue, formed of urban fragments developed along modern rules, the decades debated in this volume being witness to the complex process which was the birth of the modern periphery.

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