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2,14 Types of Architecture Schools

Authors: arch. Ina Elena Stoian – editor, arch. Irina Băncescu – editor, arch. Alexandru Belenyi – editor / asociatia plusminus
Collaborators: grafică și design: Radu Manelici
ilustrații: Lucian Sandu Milea
autori: Alexandru Belenyi, Elena Stoian, Irina Băncescu, Petre Guran, Irina Nastasă-Matei, Andrei Sora, Ana Maria Vesa, Florian Stanciu, Tudor Elian, Serban Sturdza, Andreea Nicuț, Magda Juravlea, Ionuț Nedelcu, Liviu Ianăși, Dana Vais, Dorin Ștefan, Kazmer Kovacs, Ana Maria Goilav, Dan Marin, Marian Moiceanu, Hanna Derer, Șerban Țigănaș, Tiberiu Bucșa, Paul Moldovan, Cosmin Pavel, Cristina Constantin, Raluca Becheru, Ștefan Ghenciulescu, Oana Simionescu, Raluca Sabău, Irina Gudană, George Marinescu, Maria Daria Oancea, Laura Cristea, Oana Grămadă, Cezara Lorenț, Andrei Șerbescu
traducere: Cosmina Stănășel

Authors’ Comment

2,14 Types of Architecture Schools is a collection of essays that attempts an– heterogeneous, contemporary- x-ray of architectural education, both at a global but especially at a national level. The purpose of the book is to open up the subject towards the public, to present a contextualized overview of the subject, to provide theories and concepts for those of us interested in taking the discussion to a more fundamental but also operational level.
The civil society in Romania is becoming more defined as an entity and one of the important points on the agenda is the quality of built environment and the preservation of heritage. The educational environment should be ready to propose an agenda that will provide answers and future directions to these challenges. We hope that the book will help educators meet this challenge.
2,14 Types of Architecture Schools is made of two unequal, but complementary parts. The first part brings together several essays on the topic of the meaning and larger themes of architectural education in Romania starting from its origins, at the end of the XIXth century up to present day. The second part is a collection of shorter opinion essays - a genuine esquisse on the theme of the ideal school of architecture in Romania.

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