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Masterplan For The University Campus of Oradea

Masterplan For The University Campus of Oradea

Authors: arh. Radu-Petre Năstase
Adest Architecture

Collaborators: arh. Alexandra Cocoș, urb. Alexandra Colțoș, arh. Radu Mocanu, arh. Mădălina Mușat, arh. Alexandru Ostache, urb. Andra Tănase

Beneficiar: Primăria Municipiului Oradea; Universitatea Oradea

Authors’ Comment

The university campus consists mainly of medium-rise buildings displayed around urban open spaces. The main concept of the proposal revolves around a green spine that connects the urban and architectural elements of the campus while providing compositional unity. The new architectural programs are therefore interconnected based on an integrated system of public and green areas. The traffic is to be restricted in the campus area, the University Street thus becoming a carriage way for public transportation and for the university employees. Moreover, the traffic outside the campus is to be reconfigurated in order to streamline the resulting traffic flow. New public squares are provided for relaxation purposes, transit, meeting points, pedestrian redistribution, and connecting different functions. The Masterplan integrates the existing buildings and articulates the public spaces and the new buildings in order to create a series of green-labs, emphasizing innovation and creation.

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