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Ted's coffee box
  • Nomination for the “Built Architecture / Public Space Architecture” section

Ted's coffee box

Authors: arh. Călin Radu, arh. Dan Enache, arh Alice Ionița
Lama Arhitectura

Beneficiar: Ted's coffee co.

Authors’ Comment

By extracting the essential parts and visual identity of the TED’S COFFEE CO. brand, this self-sufficient module was shaped. It can be placed in any urban space, waiting to serve its purpose: serving coffee to-go. The element’s shape and color reminds you of the coffee bean. Adjacent, the TED’S exterior benches can be multiplied and associated, however is needed, depending on the context. When closed-up, the box looks like an impenetrable Cor-ten monolith. Once opened, it becomes welcoming, due to the closing panel that transforms into a protective blind, and the reveal of the warm inside, finished with the specific brand materials and shades.

Jury Comment

The project manages to create a sort of public space for people to gather in, and offers a positive idea for urban spaces which could be used by people. It works with urban furniture to activate urban space while having a low budget.

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