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Low-Rise Housing on Lake Floreasca
  • Wienerberger Prize

Low-Rise Housing on Lake Floreasca

Authors: arh. Radu-Petre Năstase
Adest Architecture

arh. Iulia Tomuș, arh. Dan Alecu, arh. George Mihalache,
ing. Laurențiu Ionescu (Sphera Construct SRL) - specialiști în structură, Tapusi Construct SRL - specialiști în structură,
Young Design Instalatii SRL - specialiști în instalații

Authors’ Comment

The building was designed on the West bank of Lake Floreasca to meet the client's brief. The design maximizes the sense of space using a palette of materials and colors, which are uplifting and welcoming even on a cold and grey winter day. A double height central space with a mezzanine forms the sociable hub of the homes, providing areas for cooking, eating, watching TV, listening to music, and generally relaxing. The private areas are discretely separate to this space within two stacks of accommodation. One provides the clients with generous bedroom, bathroom and study areas, while the other houses the guest suites. Two different houses with the same primary function define each of them the sense of duality. The winter garden covers the swimming pool (which was removed during the construction process) and links the two houses into one single unit. Fully controllable natural and artificial light enables the quality and sense of the space to be adjusted.

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