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Vrancea Signal

Vrancea Signal

Authors: arh. Elena Ștefănescu-Marcu, arh. Andrei Ștefănescu, Marius Manea
Atelier SEA SRL/studio ae

structura: ing. Cristian Onofrei (Antiseismic SRL)

Beneficiar: Consiliul Județean Vrancea

Authors’ Comment

After winning the contest Signals of Vrancea County, to celebrate 100 years after the Great Union of Romania, four signals were built in the region that was front line during both world wars. Historically, this fragile territory was a boundary. The concept Vrancea territory of confluence marks the idea of union because Vrancea is situated at the intersection of the historic regions Walachia, Moldavia & Transylvania. Copper, bronze remind of the vineyards during the harvest, the area being renowned for its wines. The concrete with wood texture relates with the tradition of wood manufacturing.

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