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Accessibility for the tourist area Clăbucet-Cioplea-Predeal,

Accessibility for the tourist area Clăbucet-Cioplea-Predeal, "Fulg de Nea" P1 Parking

Authors: arh. Octavia Popeea, arh. Iustin Popescu, arh. Vlad Bârlădeanu, urb. Andrei Nicolae, arh. Alexandru Măntoiu, ing. Raluca Păcurar, arh. Șerban Cilea, arh. Flavia Bușcan, arh. Ilinca Moroianu, arh. Andreea Năvîrcă, ing. Mihail Gh. Popescu, ing. Teodor Cojanu, ing. Marian Chirianu
OOPY Arhitectura

Proiectare structura: PLAN 31 RO
Proiectare instalatii sanitare: AntalexCo,
Proiectare instalatii electrice: NVP Project Ambient Instal
Proiectare instalatii HVAC: Vision Invest
Proiectare drumuri si plarforme: Urban Trafic

Beneficiar: Primaria Predeal

Authors’ Comment

The general project consists in the rehabilitation of two streets, developing one ground parking and construction of three parking buildings, in Predeal, near Clabucet slope. At this moment, the completed works are the streets rehabilitation, the ground parking and one multistorey parking. The presented interventions will have a positive impact on the natural environment, local activities and resort accessibility.

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