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ISOLA - living in the copse

Dumbrăveni, jud. Ilfov, România
Authors: arch. Iulian Bădărău, st.arch. Bogdan Lazăr / studio MASURA

Authors’ Comment

We imagine an unifamilial house for a family with two children and occasional their friends and relatives. The program is the characteristic one, with two areas - living and sleeping with the accent on a bond with the outdoor space.
Because the limits will generate bold presences, the project has the motivation to adopt an introvert attitude - isolation inside the urban island and an intensive occupation of the constructible limits, growing towards the center of the site, which remains free, allowing the light and the vegetation to create a series of private yards.
The proposal offers a solution that places the house most on the ground level, for a continuous dialogue with the garden and tries not to sacrifice the confort of living, offering vast spaces, with a gradient of permeability and intimicy. The interior space reveals itself gradual, sequentially, from public to private - from the exterior limits to the center of the site. The garden transforms itself in a series of sequences, extensions of the interior adiacent spaces.

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