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AF House

AF House

Authors: arh. Iulian Bădărău, arh. Bogdan Lazăr, arh. George Dumitrescu

Authors’ Comment

The first of seven row houses built in a residential area which has an accelerated and unfortunately chaotic development, the house is located near the street limit, and benefits from a slightly more generous yard than the neighbors, but noisier, given its positioning. The traffic on the street led to the introversion of the yard and the house itself. Considering the small level surface, of approx. 38sqm, the arrangement proposes an integrated furniture for most functional objects (storage, benches, beds, etc.), which creates new limits of the side closures of the house and leaves central spaces free. In a neutral frame thus formed, the spatial distribution of pieces of furniture, textures, materials, colors and lights aims to mark the delimitation of certain places. At the same time, contrasts are created and that give warmth and size to the rooms. The aim of the project was to formulate a coherent proposal that would unite the exterior and interior spaces, by elevating the facade to the street - changing the appearance of the fence, the access area, the garden and continuing the discourse on the interior spaces.

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