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București, România
Author: arch. Justin Baroncea – coordonator general / I'M UAU
Collaborators: Echipa proiectare GEST: Ioana Trușcă, Mihaela Butoi, Doriana Mărășoiu, Ioana Naniș, Cristina Ginara, Ivanof Alexandru, Emanuel Birtea, Sarah Maria Stoenescu

Instituții / firme partenere: U.A.U.I.M., UNArte, DeltaStudio, Roca, Almalux, Holver, GBR, Holdmann, Radox

Authors’ Comment

I’M UAU’s goal is to encourage the direct implication of students in various workshops of object design, finishing, subassemblies, prototypes.The I’M UAU program includes workthemes derived from the direct cooperation with companies.
The GEST project was an open invitation for students of Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism to create their own ceramic tiles, thus directly engaging in the rehabilitation of the University's restrooms. They could do so during the CERAMFORM workshop, which consisted of multiple stages, including modeling, polishing, glazing and burning the ceramic tiles, with the support of the University of Arts. The resulted tiles – 150, to be precise- , were used in rehabilitating the girls restrooms on the 3rd and 4th floor, along with additional ceramic stock ends and unused waste, provided by the "Delta Studio" company.
After refurbishing two restrooms, the series continued with rehabilitating and changing the ground floor restroom into one for disabled people. The key element here and a subject of an upcycling process was a broken boiler, brought back to life in the form of two lamps, but also a subject for 6 comic drawings that tell the story of boiler's transformation.

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