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MRS Residence Ploiesti

MRS Residence Ploiesti

Authors: arh. George Cristian Partnoi, arh. Dragos Panfir, arh. Paula Onicala
Firm: Unio Architects

Structure project: ing. Andrei Murariu (Aventus Design srl)
plumbing: ing. Marius Mladin, ing. Mihaela Bunea, ing. Andreea Cazangiu (Smart Engineering Solutions)
Builder: Maristar COM srl
Client: Maristar COM srl

Authors’ Comment

In the urban context of a highly industrialized city, where the function of collective housing is characterized by the abundance of concrete surfaces and parking lots organized on the plot, we tried to offer an alternative solution. Thus, we proposed the development of an ensemble of 7 buildings around a central promenade area, green spaces and play and relaxation spaces. The transition from the traffic of the boulevard, to the interior, is made gradually, through an arrangement of the restaurant terrace, hosted by the multifunctional building, which is also the perspective end of the promenade area. We proposed an interior garden, bordered by a "U" -shaped layout of the buildings, perpetuating the idea of ​​an enclosure used in architecture over time.

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