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Apartment building in Timisoara

Apartment building in Timisoara

Authors: arh. Adrian Untaru, arh. Andrei Șerbescu, arh. Bogdan Brădățeanu, arh. Horia Munteanu, arh. Cristina Lupu, arh. Rodica Dina, Arh Romina Pasculovici, arh. Anca Teslevici, arh. Alexandru Barbu

Structure project: Alpin Consulting
plumbing: Alma Consulting și ADN BPI

Authors’ Comment

The ISHO project was conceived from the very beginning both in connection to the city, through a careful consideration of its siluete and presence within the urban context, and in relation to the adjacent public space. Therefore, therough the clarity of the morphology and the architecture of the façade, the project becomes an important part of the cityscape,while the commercial areas at ground floor level, the portico and the reduced height of the volume placed along the pedestrian oute bring the project to a more familiar, human scale.

The simple building volume allows for a clear reading of the structure and the interior layout. One improtanta spect of the project was offering some depth to the façade, through a series of diffentetiations between the various plans fo the structure, the envelope and the railings, revealing the project’s inner logic.

The 140 apartments are spreada across 30 typologies and are organized so to avoid the idea of a recurrent floor plan. The density of the units descreses along the height of the building, a detail also expressed though the façade and the structure that becomes slimer towards the top of the tower. The absence of columns and beams at the interior allows for a flexible configuration of the apartments, which can be adapted to suit individual needs and can evolve in time to accommodate various living scenarios.

The 4th floor features a shared terrace which together with the adjacent common area creates the premises for establishing a community. These shared spaces complement the public functions within the urban development and the landscaped public spaces at ground level.

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