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Central District 4 Elements

Central District 4 Elements

Authors: arh. Răzvan BÂRSAN, arh. Ștefan STERIAN, arh. Alexandra DINCĂ, arh. Ionuț DOCHIȚA, arh. Razvan MOLIE
Firm: Răzvan Bârsan + Partners

Structure project: Concept Structure
plumbing: Capital Grup Instal
Client: Central District

Authors’ Comment

Our proposal takes into consideration the four human essential elements: air, water, earth and fire. The air is represented through generous spaces and large terraces. The exterior design includes three fountains which bring out the second natural element, water. The presence of a big surface of green justifies the third natural element, earth. Fire is brought in socialization area. The parking area is moved at the underground level because of space and design reasons.
The main purpose of our project is to give to the users a general sensation of community, integration and relaxation in the natural landscape, while benefiting from intimacy, mental comfort and physical safety – bring them the genuine feeling of “home”.

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